Here are some of my projects that I have been able to open-source or contribute to in no particular order.

Personal Projects


nginwho is a lightweight, efficient and extremely fast nginx log parser that stores the logs into a sqlite3 database for further analysis and actions (e.g. catching bad actors). It also has the ability to continuously parse Cloudflare CIDRs through their APIs so that nginx can leverage it to get the real IP addresses of requests hitting your servers. Written in Nim.


Oxipot is a network honeypot to gather intel against IT, OT and IoT bots. Written in Rust.


flat is a network latency monitoring tool supporting both TCP and UDP for IPv4 plus IPv6 leveraging eBPF and Go.


Ping TCP ports with TCPING. Inspired by Linux’s ping utility. Written in Go.


Queue watcher helps monitor TCP connections and diagnose buffer and connectivity issues on Linux machines related to input and output queues. Written in Nim.

Also featured on Nim’s official blog.


fwmonitor is suitable for network traffic analysis and auditing of iptables, UFW, or any application that logs in the same format, in a concise way. Written in Python.

ARP Spoof Detector

ARP spoof detector detects ARP spoofing/MiTM attacks against your machine. Written in Python.


Catch and log memory leaks and utilization on Linux machines using memreport. Written in Bash.

Buffer Optimizer

Detect and remedy receive buffer size issues on Linux machines using Buffer Optimizer. Written in Bash.


Dlog Troubleshoots your Docker containers in a clean way. Written in Bash.


sysupdate Keeps your Linux servers/workstations updated, removes residuals and keeps a log file for all of them. Written in Bash.


Fortigate SSL VPN User Revoker Removes SSLVPN users of your Fortigate devices in complex and distributed setups. Written in Python.

YouTube Still Here

YouTube Still Here is a browser extension that gets rid of YouTube Music and YouTube’s ‘Video paused. Continue watching?’ dialog. Available on major browsers with over 10,000 downloads across different platforms. Written in JavaScript.


A bunch of programs that I write in different programming languages to compare the performance and speed.

Open-source Projects


Kuma is a multi-zone service mesh for containers, Kubernetes and VMs. Built with Envoy. CNCF Sandbox Project.


ISEhole makes Business Ready Documents from Cisco Identity Services Engine APIs.


Boxen puts your network operating systems in a box!


The 2048 game implementation in nim.